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Floral Business Nursery

Are you the owner of a nursery, garden center, greenhouse, fruit or vegetable operation, or floral business? Your stock is highly perishable, your equipment is expensive, and the work can be dangerous.


With a business as unique as yours, it's important to take the proper precautions to make sure you're fully protected. Work with Business Insurance Providers to fashion a policy with valuable coverage and features tailored to your specialized needs.


Property protection covers your tools, equipment, and building materials as well as the property of others while in your care, custody or control. It also protects property in transit, newly acquired property, and includes peak season coverage.


Liability protection covers your premises and operation. This includes products / completed operations, personal injury, advertising injury, fire legal liability, contractual issues, medical expenses, and more.


Loss of income coverage protects business income for up to 12 months, and includes extra expenses needed to resume normal business operation.


Added protections may include pesticide or herbicide applicator coverage, hired and non-owned automotive coverage, burglary and robbery, mechanical failure, employee dishonesty, and earthquake protection.

Protect your green enterprise

Complete coverage for you and your family

You are the most important part of your green enterprise. Business Insurance Providers offers insurance to protect your family and assets in the form of disability income insurance, life insurance, and annuities to fund retirement.


We're also able to assist you with safety and loss control resources that can help protect you and your employees from the everyday risks you face.


It's important to us that you are protected. As your needs change, it's critical to review your insurance every single year. Contact Business Insurance Providers to receive a FREE, no-obligation review of your current insurance policies.

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