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Speak with the experts at Business Insurance Providers about getting the right insurance for your snow removal business. While many insurance agents and brokers offer snow insurance, we have true experts who understand risk management and insurance for snow removal contractors.


Business Insurance Providers has built its business insuring landscapers and contractors, and most of these seasonal businesses need to plow snow to get through the winter. We understand that you don't have time to understand every nuance of snow insurance, and we want to help.

Quality insurance for snow removal contractors

We'll make snow removal insurance easy for you

To get started with your policy, all we need is a little information about what you do, and how you do it. We'll take care of the rest! Business Insurance Providers shops all available carriers for your insurance, reviewing your contracts up front so we can find you the coverage you need at the best possible pricing available.


Let us assist you with risk management and give you all the tools you need to mitigate claims as much as possible.


We'll provide a complete range of services including contract review and recommendations, sample subcontractor, and client contracts, pre and post snow removal logs, advice on best practices, claims worksheets, property inspection forms for both pre and post season, and development of a safety management program.

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Call our office to speak with one of our experienced agents at 609-268-2140. Please have the following information available, if possible:

  • Current policy information

  • Loss/ claims experience

  • Current contract info

  • Pre-season inspection reports

  • Event documentation


Get great value out of the features and benefits we can offer such as:

  • Hired/non ownership liability

  • Tools and equipment coverage

  • Sand and salt applicators coverage

  • Umbrella policies (for limits/contract requirements above $1,000,000/$2,000,000)

  • Snow contractors professional policies (errors and omissions)

  • Per project aggregate

  • Blanket additional insured's (including primary/non-contributory wording)

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