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Business Insurance Providers offers different types of life insurance and disability products depending on your individual needs.


Whole life insurance is permanent life insurance that remains in force during the insured person's lifetime, provided premiums are paid as specified in the policy. Whole life insurance can build cash value.


Universal life insurance is a form of permanent life insurance with flexible premiums and flexible coverage. Universal life can build cash value, which earns an interest rate that may adjust periodically, but is usually guaranteed not to fall below a certain percentage.


Term life insurance provides life insurance protection for a specified period of time. This is less expensive than permanent life insurance, and is available in varying term periods with fixed premiums. On occasion, term insurance may be convertible to permanent coverage, providing you with flexibility as your needs change.


Disability insurance provides protection against injury or sickness. Disability premiums are based on your income and health.

Complete life insurance coverage, according to your needs

Let us assess your needs

Your personal and financial needs will govern the amount of life insurance you select. Business Insurance Providers can assist you in determining an appropriate coverage amount and help you decide on which type of life insurance is right for you.


We typically recommend you consider life insurance if you have:

  • A spouse

  • Dependent children

  • Aging parents, or a physically/challenged relative who depends on your support

  • Estate planning

  • A business

  • Key-man insurance (for your business)


As life changes, so should your policy. We can adjust your life insurance coverage to adapt to your current needs. Triggers for you to change your life insurance are marriage, divorce, a new baby, the purchase of a new home, and retirement.

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